Don’t just survive off grid, thrive! by Gregory Lesher

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Gregory Lesher has been actively living off grid for almost 20 years now. He began setting up his homestead at the end of 2000 when record-high fuel prices literally destroyed his business in the trucking industry.

This book, is a manual, showing how he was able to make it all happen without much training or experience in the art and science of self-reliance. In fact, most of what he learned was from the lessons he learned from life.

With a foundation in electronics from high school and a college correspondence course in electronics he began his journey.

We hope you find this information useful as you get prepared for what lies ahead in a world heading for long, hard times, one with little hope for the life you previously knew. That life you knew is being erased at an unparalleled speed.

Survival will become a necessary way of life in a future that has occluded the lessons and training of the past. The educational system has changed from a system of mentoring and on-the-job apprenticeship to that of virtual (hands-off) learning. The ruling elite have engineered this system for their benefit and our dis-benefit.

With this in mind, you can begin the path of securing your own destiny. You can do what our Forefathers did. They were on their own, and took their future into their own hands, all-the-while keeping good relations with those around them who shared the same goals and values.

If this seems like a path you have realized is fast becoming a necessity, then this book is for you.

Print Book: US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 79 mm), Standard Color, 80# White - Coated, Paperback, Matte Cover